Become a SOTO financial member

There are several categories of membership to SOTO Australasia. Being a member brings a range of benefits and opportunities, as well as supporting your governing body to maintain and promote the Sacro Occipital Technic.

Categories of membership

Full Member

All registered Chiropractors are eligible for full membership status

Associate Member

Application is available to health professionals working in conjunction with SOT practitioners

Academic Member

Chiropractic students and non-working practitioners

International Members
Application is available to registered chiropractors practicing in regions or countries not governed by an SOT alliance organisation.

Benefits of membership

  • Discounted prices for SOT supplies
  • Discounted fees for all SOTO Australasia seminars
  • Entry into SOTO Australasia Member Register & directory on the website
  • Worldwide referral network
  • Quarterly newsletter with free classified advertising for SOTO Australasia members
  • Updated technical reports included in Expression newsletter as well as other international sources
  • Affiliation with International SOT organisations
  • Access to the SOTO Australasia library (journals, tapes & manuals)
  • Certification – A peer process acknowledging skills and abilities > Voting rights at AGM (Available to Full Members only).

To Apply for NEW SOTO Australasia Membership

Download the Application for Membership form here and return to SOTO Administrator.

To RENEW your SOTO A Membership

lease complete a renew form here and return to SOTO A Office