Associates / Locums Required

QLD - Brisbane Ideal Practice

Description 21-Nov-2019

Associate Chiropractor - Part Time 

This a part-time position with a minimum of 4 shifts (approx.. 20 hr/week) per week. shift times are flexible. Room to increase shifts & hours.
The ideal candidate will have a wellness mindset empowering patients to make informed decisions about their Chiropractic care.
Predominate techniques are SOT (mainly) TRT, ABC & manual adjusting. A good flow of NP’s is currently in-situ to support the new associate & the practice will embark on further NP marketing on behalf of the associate.
Apply now by sending your resume and cover letter to or call 1300 652 361.


1300 652 361

Associates / Locums Available

Locum - Lynne Vardi Brisbane to Northern NSW

Description 10-Nov-2016

Locum Available

SOT, Activator, Diversified, Dry Needling, AK, Paediatric, Pregnancy



Locum - Andrew Paul Australia wide

Description 14-Mar-2016

33 years of family practice experience.

Long or Short Term Locums available

Proficient in S.O.T, Thompson, Activator, AK, N.E.T, ABC, Torque Release and Diversified Adjusting Methods.

SOTO A Diplomate, Life Member, and current S.O.T Primary Educator, rest assured your practice will be in good hands while you recharge your batteries. and check out my availability over the coming year.

C.A service also available by Debbie Paul.


Andrew 0413 524476

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