Associates / Locums Required

NSW - Woollongong Simply Chiropractic

Description 12-Feb-2018

Associate required for a thriving Wollongong practice, to start soon.
Simply Chiropractic has a vacancy for an appropriate chiropractor to join our busy team of 2 chiropractors in a family wellness SOT practice.

Wollongong, a thriving university and industry city is 1.25 hours from Sydney on the beautiful south coast. If you are looking for a position to develop your clinical skills in a supportive environment and wish to discuss the position or speak with our previous associate, please call.


Lindy 0429 038975

NSW - Northwest Sydney Essential Health Chiropractic

Description 23-Jan-2018

Associate Position/s
Full Time

We have a great opportunity for an associate Chiropractor to join our 2 practices in Northwest Sydney. One of our Chiropractors is, leaving behind a growing patient base. We are largely an Integrative office, focusing on Neuro programs to support learning and behavioral issues
Our well established centre has operated successfully since 2002. The position will involve mentoring, professional and personal development opportunities, and seminars in- house.

Our practices are predominately Paediatric in nature, focusing on S.O.T, A.K and N.E.T.
Interested parties should email


Gerald Vargas

QLD - North Brisbane Windsor Chiropractic

Description 19-Dec-2017

Associate Position
Full Time
Start date - March 2018

Fantastic opportunity for an experienced chiropractor at Stafford, North Brisbane. Step into a well-established practice with an excellent reputation in the community.
Our current associate will be on maternity leave in April. Looking for a March start date or earlier.
Full time due to demand, growing into a permanent position.
We have a passionate support team who are magic at the front desk, and an integrated team including a naturopath and massage therapist, and Pilates classes.
Good manual skills necessary including diversified and SOT.


0422 227 723

SA - Mount Gambier Liana's Chiropractic Centre

Description 11-Dec-2017

Full Time  Associate Required
Start - March 2018

Are you enthusiastic, dedicated, compassionate, excellent communicator of wellness care?
Then we would love you to join our friendly, dedicated team in an SOT wellness based practice, which has been established over 24 years and had associates for 23 years.
Offering you good existing patient base, good remuneration, a 4 day week. 3 day weekends and fully furnished accommodation.
Our current associate is relocating and those patients would love your care.


0403 585 615

Associates / Locums Available

Locum - Lynne Vardi Brisbane to Northern NSW

Description 10-Nov-2016

Locum Available

SOT, Activator, Diversified, Dry Needling, AK, Paediatric, Pregnancy



Locum - Andrew Paul Australia wide

Description 14-Mar-2016

33 years of family practice experience.

Long or Short Term Locums available

Proficient in S.O.T, Thompson, Activator, AK, N.E.T, ABC, Torque Release and Diversified Adjusting Methods.

SOTO A Diplomate, Life Member, and current S.O.T Primary Educator, rest assured your practice will be in good hands while you recharge your batteries. and check out my availability over the coming year.

C.A service also available by Debbie Paul.


Andrew 0413 524476

Locum - Peter Davis

Description 16-Jan-2013

33 Year's SOT experience.

SOT Basic, Advanced and Craniopath Certification.


03 5562 1881

Practice for Sale

FOR SALE - VIC Macedon

Description 16-Jan-2018

Practice for sale
Sue’s Place Chiropractic
Suitable for Chiropractors using low force techniques


Dr Sue Heringslake 0407301352

For Sale - VIC Mornington

Description 16-Oct-2017

24 year young busy practice for sale in Mornington, 1 hour south of Melbourne.
Heart of the Peninsula cafe and beach culture.
Principal wanting to pursue other interests. Currently grossing just under $400k per year. Fully digitalised and running like a well oiled machine.
Call Peter on 0418 395 365


0418 395 365

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