Become a Certified SOT Practitioner


Certification is available to doctors who are qualified chiropractors. There are five levels of certification:

  • Basic
  • Advanced
  • Craniopath
  • Diplomate
  • Fellow.


SOT Certification:

  • establishes and promotes professional accountability and visibility
  • increases confidence and skill levels
  • increases referrals by identifying those professionals who have met specific standards of knowledge and experience in the practice of SOT
  • adds authority to clinical opinions in medical reports
  • encourages continued professional growth and development
  • enables practitioners to use the international standard of excellence logo in the promotion of their practices

Process & Application

The diagram above outlines the summary pre-requisites and opportunities as a professional advances through each stage of certification to achieve the SOT standard of excellence.

Guidelines of Certification

Application for Certification

Looking for a certified member. Click here.

If you require further information, please contact Jacquie at the office on (07) 55 762 132.

2017 Certification dates and locations
16 September 2017 - Mercure Treasury Gardens
Starting from 7.30am

Maintaining certification

As of 2014, new guidelines have been implemented for maintaining certification.


The requirements for maintaining certification are aiming for a balance between keeping certified practitioners active within the organisation, willing to still learn, yet not dissuading members from gaining their certification. 


The new requirements as of 2014 will be; 


Basic –                  Nothing required

Advanced –        Must table educate once in every three years

Craniopaths –    Must contribution in some capacity every two years for Craniopaths (at the discretion of the Board). 


Each certified member must adhere to the above to maintain their certification.