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Jacquie Strudwick - Tuesday, September 10, 2013

2013 SOTO - Australasia Annual Convention 

Advanced Cranial Motion Dynamics and 

Enhanced Therapeutic Application of SOT Cranial Technique

has been assessed by the Chiropractors' Association of Australia (National) Ltd and allocated

  13.5 Formal Learning Activity Hours.

Dr Marc Pick presenting

  • The far-reaching effects that cranial adjusting has on the spinal and cranial systems.
  • Review the major cranial bones individually and collectively.
  • Cranial motion dynamics in 2D and 3D
  • The correlation between cranial adjusting and pelvic blocking.
  • Investigate adjunctive procedures that target specific neurological sites within the brain, brain stem, cerebellum and spinal systems.
  • Marc will introduce his unique 'Focal Point Recording' protocol for enhanced record keeping and patient treatment recall.

Certification Exams

Student Program

‘Graduating into SOT’ Workshop

Get up close and personal with Dr. Tori Wright and Dr. Troy Miles covering

  • Get up close and personal with Dr. Tori Wright and Dr. Troy Miles covering
  • How to utilise and integrate SOT into practice.  
  • How a SOT chiropractor is different and unique,  and what that will mean to how you practice.  
  • Why is SOT such a popular technique?  
  • How to go from student to associate and tips on how to find the right practice for you 
  • Open Q&A forum on the ups and downs of starting in practice.

CA Program 

Violet Wasson started her CA career as a patient and was fortunate enough to be exposed to “the big idea” in fact she was so excited about it that her Chiropractor offered her a job. 

  • How to explain the fundamentals of SOT to patients
  • Introducing a new patient to SOT Chiropractic care, summarising Categories, CMRT and Cranial and why these areas are important to address.
  • Blocking, activator instrument use, Correct Trochanteric belt use
  • How their (CA) message facilitates the philosophy of SOT, Nomenclature for SOT
  • Common mistakes a CA makes
  • How to serve without being a pushover
  • Extraordinary service
  • Priorities at the Front desk
  • Good language-using correct language to promote a positive healing environment
  • A brief history of Chiropractic and SOT
  • Demonstrations of some basic cranial assisting techniques
  • Structure for a spinal care class


Saturday Night Function 

  • SOTO Australasia function at Italian Village in Circular Quay
  • All inclusive with full registrations
  • 3 course Dinner
  • Drinks included
  • Dancing
  • 7.00 pm - 11.30 pm

Delegate guests are welcome to attend - see registration form for details.

Intercontinental Hotel - SYDNEY

117 Macquarie Street
Sydney 2000
Intercontinental Hotel are now accepting hotel reservations for our upcoming event. Through the below link you can book a secured price per night or call the hotel and book direct, ensure you link your booking to the SOTO Conference.


Early Bird Discount

Register before 30 September to receive a $50.00 discount

Registration forms available here

2013 Annual Convention & AGM Registration2013 Annual Convention & AGM Registration 08-Jul-2013 (296 KB)



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