Jacquie Strudwick - Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Dear Colleagues,

 Welcome to the summer edition of Expression, SOTO-Australasia's e-bulletin. Happy New Year and welcome to our new members for 2013. To the continuing SOT family, thank you for your support and faith in me by re-electing me for another term as President. This year I plan to guide SOT in Australia in a direction of growth and establish quality consistency. With the assistance of your new Board, 2013 will bring fantastic educational events, and all the support you need to develop your SOT knowledge. All the events for 2013 are up on the website already so plan your yearly seminar schedule now.


beautiful location for annual convention 2012

Our Annual Convention for 2012 was held at Salt in Kingscliff NSW which turned out to be a beautiful location. The experience of Jesper Dahl was not lost on the audience when he presented his material on Extremity adjusting. It was presented in a straight forward hands-on approach that I was able to incorporate into my adjusting on Monday morning with ease. Learning extremity adjusting was actually fun and exciting and the feedback from the rest of the delegates was just as praising.


marc pick returns in 2013

We have secured the return of Marc Pick to Sydney for our Annual Convention in November to share his masterful understanding of SOT, neurology and physiology. Not to be missed! 


mid-year retreat in the snow!

Mid Year retreat this year is in Queenstown NZ. The proposed date is August 16th and 17th, depending on venue availability which should be confirmed this week. This should make a pleasant chilly change from the usual bikini and zinc cream affair from previous years.


long serving co-ordinator calls it a day!

The big change for 2013 will be that our long-standing coordinator Averil Crebbin has decided to move on to seek other ventures and some personal rest and relaxation. It has been 14 years since Averil took the role over from Helen Cutting? and her commitment to the position has been exemplary. She has been instrumental in the success of SOTO-A and has willingly accepted change throughout her years of service. I have very much enjoyed working alongside Averil over the past 12 years and her calming and casual demeanour will be hard to replace. She will be sorely missed but we wish her all the best in her next endeavour. If you know of anyone who may be interested in fulfilling this role please encourage them to send their CV to the Board. Interviews will commence in February.


Yours in Health,



Jacquie Strudwick - Wednesday, October 16, 2013
Dear SOT Colleagues,

Marc Pick Presents Cranial & Dissection

In response to much feedback from our members we have brought Dr Marc Pick back to share his amazing cranial and dissection knowledge.
It is an essential for anyone who wants a clear understanding of cranial motion and how to be most effective with your cranial adjusting.
A CA program will been presented again with a host of information aimed at all levels of CA experience.

Our Recent Board Meeting

The Board had a planning meeting earlier in the month to plan the next 3-5 years for the organisation. Also discussed and addressed was a marketing strategy to enhance our presence within the profession.  Recent Board activities have been to create pocket cards for the Advanced Modules, more SOT presence within the student body at the Universities, and organise mid year retreat, an advanced module and another extra extremity workshop in December by Jesper Dahl.
We now request that a waiver form be signed by all delegates at any SOT seminar to have consent for workshop and hands-on sessions. This is a standard requirement in organisational procedures.

More Portable Tables at our Seminars!

SOTO-A recently purchased another 34 portable couches to ensure all delegates have effective workshops at the Seminar Series. This was in response to feedback from the attendees that this area could be improved upon. Another area that needed improvement was the Table Educator to delegate ratio. This should be rectified next year though with the introduction of the new requirements for maintaining certification. To me, this results in a win-win situation all round. Delegates get a better experience and SOT education while the educators refresh their knowledge and become mentors for those new to SOT. It is also useful for our certainty in SOT when we are asked why we do what we do. De Jarnette was a brilliant man, but for the inquiring mind, modern theory and neurology is required to justify what we do in SOT. Our current Primary Educators do a fantastic job at explaining SOT at this level.

Jacquie our Coordinator has embraced the position and is eagerly anticipating our Annual Convention. Please ensure that you have updated our new headquarter details in your contacts.

SOTO-A delegates to Assist at SORSI Homecoming

Gerald Vargas, Brett Houlden and myself are heading over to the SORSI Homecoming in October to assist with their teaching of the International Basic Series. Also presenting will be Steve Williams, Marc Pick, Jon Howat, Suzanne Seekins and many more. I am immensely proud of the quality of our educating team and I know the “Australian Standard” is becoming renown. This is the first big step for SORSI to fully embrace the International teaching material and realise the global potential this holds for unity and further growth.

Lastly, good luck to those attempting the certification exams in November. I hope to see you all at the Annual Convention in Sydney.

Yours in Health,

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