Intra Orals 2018

- Friday, March 23, 2018

New Program - 16 September 2018
For the first time in Australia learn the contacts to complete these adjustments without an assistant.
Usually taught as four handed with an assistant, these modifications make the adjustments easier to apply.

In this afternoon SOT advanced module we will leap straight into the Cranials associated with the Category One, which is the Intra-oral cranial adjusting.
Intra-oral corrective protocols will often succeed when extra-oral corrections are not making the desired changes.
This will be predominately a practical session studying the indicators, visual and static analysis, the hand holds and the vectors of correction.

A prior knowledge of the categories and cranial non-specifics will be necessary as the session will move beyond this foundation.

Take your S.O.T to the next level by learning these new skills or refine your mastered skills

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