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Jacquie Strudwick - Saturday, May 04, 2013

An introductory SOT presentation was held at Macquarie University recently. It allowed the chiropractic students at Macquarie to learn more about the technique, as it does not form part of the curriculum in the chiropractic degree.

Darren Little and Gerald Vargas explained the anatomy and physiology behind the technique. They reinforced the importance of the relationship between the skull and the sacrum, an optimally functioning nervous system and the prevention of dysfunction and instability through the promotion of health.

An introduction to the concepts of categories, the chiropractic manipulation reflex technique and cranial mechanisms allowed us to gain a basic understanding of the technique.

A demonstration at the end of the presentation showed us all the methods of treatment and how the tools used prove effective.

We are very grateful to Gerald and Darren for allowing us to gain an insight into the process and treatment of patients through this technique.

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