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Jacquie Strudwick - Saturday, May 04, 2013

Dr Troy Miles Presents at RMIT

A packed lecture theatre was the scene at RMIT earlier this year, as students from all year levels were captivated while Dr Troy Miles spoke about SOT.
Troy, a certified SOT Craniopath, has been coming to RMIT for 3 years to talk to the students about SOT and promote the series. Each year Troy covers the history and origin of SOT (even down to the story of Kodak), the anatomy of CSF and how that relates to the subluxation, the different SOT categories, CMRT and cranials.

His presentation was fun yet very informative. It left students with a deeper understanding of the philosophy of the SOT technic as well as its clinical relevance. This is incredibly valuable for all students, as SOT is not taught formally in the course until second semester of 5th year, even then it is only briefly touched on. He also gives the students the critical information they require if they wish to participate in the series, or apply for the SOT student scholarship.

Each year SOTO Australasia offers 2 half scholarships for the students from each university. The application process requires students to fill out a questionnaire about their understanding and experience of SOT. This year RMIT had a staggering 30 applications for the scholarship. I would like to congratulate our successful recipients Nyree Osbourne and Sarah Pye, both 5th year students whom have completed the series previously. From RMIT we will have 41 students completing the 2013 SOT series, which is significantly up on previous years. This is a credit to Dr Miles’ presentation and his commitment to the RMIT students.

This year the RMIT SOT Club will be running a number of in house technique nights to be held on campus. This will allow students to brush up on their new found knowledge and skills developed throughout the 2013 series. We also hope to have technique evenings at local Melbourne practices where we can utilise the experience of certified SOT practitioners.

A huge thank you must go to Dr Troy Miles for taking time out of his busy schedule to come to RMIT and talk about SOT and the 2013 series. His on going support of the students at RMIT is amazing and ensures students are exposed to the brilliance of SOT. Thanks must also be given to Dr Tori Wright for her fantastic work as the student coordinator.

As students we are truly excited to complete the 2013 series and mingle with other SOT practitioners.

Jake Currie - RMIT SOT Club President

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