SOTO-A STudent Club Presidents for 2018

VICTORIA-  Laura Priestly and Connor Charles

NEW SOUTH WALES  - Louren Katague

QUEENSLAND - Brendan Hoey and Linda Reader



Student Memberships & Student SOT Set

To be eligible for member prices and the SOT Student Set, students MUST apply for complimentary membership by following these steps
1. Register your details on the SOTO Website,
2. Download the application here , Save and forward to the SOTO Office -

Student President Application
To apply for student S.O.T president download the application here and forward to the SOTO A Office at
*Applications open 01 August each year, and submissions must be in by 3rd Monday of October each year

SOTO-A Student Half Scholarship *Applicable only to Chiropractic Students from 3rd year onwards.

Download a half scholarship application* for the SOT Seminar Series here