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  • Chiropractic Belt
    Chiropractic Belt
    The Chiropractic Belt™ restores integrity and balance to the pelvis and sacroiliac joint.

    This product is now only available in black.

    Sizing - Please click belt picture

    XS - 71 cm - 86.5 cm
    Small - 86.5 cm - 101.5cm
    Med - 101.5cm - 117cm
    Large - 117cm-132 cm
    X Large - 132cm-147cm
    XXL 147cm - 162.5cm
    Normal Price: $63.00
    Members Price: $48.40
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  • Serola Belt
    Serola Belt

    The Serola sacroiliac belt (also known as trochanter brace, SI belt, SIJ belt, pelvic belt) is ideal for chronic back pain, low back, side pain, sciatica, pinched nerve, and hip pain.

    Sizing - Please click belt picture

    Sm - Up to 86.5 cm
    Med - 86.5 cm - 99 cm
    Large - 99cm - 119.5 cm
    X Large - 119.5 cm - 132 cm
    Normal Price: $63.00
    Members Price: $48.40
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  • Serola Belt Extender
    Serola Belt Extender

    The Serola Belt Extender adds an additional  20.3cm (or 8in) to the length of the Serola Sacroiliac Belt, which makes it the perfect solution for anyone that currently owns a Serola Belt and has grown out of their current belt, or for new customers that are in between sizes and aren’t sure which size to get.
    The Serola Belt Extender is also the perfect solution for pregnant women to extend the size of their Serola Belt as their belly grows during the later stages of pregnancy.

    Normal Price: $30.00
    Members Price: $25.00
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