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  • 14 Piece Articulated Coloured Skull
    14 Piece Articulated Coloured Skull
    14 Piece Articulated Coloured Skull by Somso.  A great tool for studying Craniopathy and explaining cranial motion and adjustments to your patients.

    PLEASE ENQUIRE ABOUT DELIVERY LEAD TIMES, as these are made to order in Germany.
    Normal Price: $1,260.00
    Members Price: $1050.00
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  • White Skull
    White Skull

    This adult, life-sized skull is designed to be used by any student of anatomy from beginner to advanced, and can be used by medical professionals, teachers and artists.

    • Made according to European standards.

    • Built to precise anatomical specifications.

    • In exceptional detail, this model displays all of the major bony landmarks, muscle insertions, fissures, processes, sutures and foramina.

    • 2 springs allow for sturdy, correct movement of the mandible.

    • Three of the teeth can be removed, as well as the top of the skull (as shown in the pictures) for a view of the inside.

    • Made of solid, high-quality PVC plastic. Can be painted, drilled or sanded

    Normal Price: $152.00
    Members Price: $120.00
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  • T Shirt - I Still Play With Blocks
    T Shirt - I Still Play With Blocks
    Available in Black or White
    Women's Sizes 8 to 16
    Men's Sizes Small to 2XXL

    Note:  These are small sizes therefore, it is best to order the next size up!
    Normal Price: $35.00
    Members Price: $25.00
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  • Aqualizer

    The cranio-mandibular relationship, established by the occlusion of the teeth, is often the cause. Unfortunately, the acceptability of this relationship is difficult to assess by any professional, whether dentist, physician, or physical therapist. The Aqualizer® allows the patient’s own muscles to both determine whether the cranio-mandibular relationship is responsible for the problem, and if so, then to automatically correct it. For the therapist, this solves a vexing and previously unsolvable problem.

    The Aqualizer® is invaluable to every medical professional providing chronic migraine headache or back, neck, and shoulder pain relief. In up to 75 percent of these patients, the position of the jaw is either the trigger of pain symptoms or a major contributing factor.

    Normal Price: $45.50
    Members Price: $35.00
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  • 38 Week Feotal Skull
    38 Week Feotal Skull

    A very realistic model of a 38-week foetal skull manufactured from our unique bone-like material.

    The separate skull bones are clearly shown and meticulous moulding distinguishes such detail as sutures, fontanelles and the external auditory meatus.

    The main bones of the skull coloured for easy identification. Also illustrated are the cranial nerve exits.
    Supplied with key card

    Normal Price: $318.18
    Members Price: $280.00
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