SOTO Australasia
is proud to foster the next generation of upcoming chiropractors.

SOTOA Student Membership
We offer all chiropractic students a complimentary no fee membership.
This student membership includes a number of benefits including
Student Membership also allows access to the famous 'SOT student pack' which includes SOTO Board & Blocks at a significant discounted price to get you ready to apply the skills you'll learn.

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SOT Club President Role
Each year we have a position at each University to become the SOT Student Club President.
One of the key responsibilities as Student President is to continue to foster awareness of SOT, both within the University and amongst the students.
As Student President, you will also have one on one opportunities to liaise and network both within the organization and with other SOT practitioners and build on essential skills to prepare you for practice.

In recognition for the effort and dedication as Student President, the elected person will be to receive FULL sponsorship (value $1150.00) to the SOT Basic Seminar series. (Categories, CMRT & Cranial) in the year of leadership.

Applications close on the 1st week of November of the previous year to enable smooth transition from the outgoing president to the new Student President.

SOT Student President - Apply here.

SOT Half Scholarship
SOTO Australasia are pleased to offer half scholarships to students at each S.O.T University club who are successful in their application.
The scholarship covers half the cost for the SOT Basic Series - Categories, Cranial and CMRT (Value $575.00) and one is awarded per Chiropractic University in Australia.

Applications are open from July the previous year and are announced 3 weeks before the first session in that State/University.
To be eligible for this scholarship, you must be enrolled as a 3rd, 4th or 5th year chiropractic student.

SOT Student ½ Scholarship - Apply Here

Student SOT Set

We know how hard it can be financially as a student, and we’d love to help you set up your chiropractic toolbox at a discounted rate, One per person.

SOT Student Block Set – 1 x Pair Adult Blocks, 1 x Pelvic Board (Grey or Burgundy)
Student Discounted Rate - $180.00 (33% student discount)

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Forward all applications to - the SOTO A Office at and